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Bane of Veeshan
Guild Laws

1. Politeness is ALWAYS appreciated by other people. Be polite, and our reputation will soar.

2. Respect everyone in the guild. This is like number 1, except that it will keep everyone in the guild happy.

3. Do what the officers tell you, and always try to go out of your way to help a guildie.

4. Keep the cursing to a minimum! Many people are offended by cursing, and while those who aren't offended may not understand, we need to acommidate all our members.


1. ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE OFFICERS, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. In a raid, we need everyone's cooperation, regardless of any questions you may have. The success of the raid depends on you!

The leader of the raid will ALWAYS loot everything, the only exception being "no-drop" items, which will be awarded on the spot by the officers.All loot taken in a raid by the leader will be awarded upon a break in the fighting if necesarry, or at the end of the raid.

All loot will be awarded on NBG basis. Need Before Greed. If somebody wants the item to use, and it is better than the item they are currently equipping, they will be placed in consideration for the loot. If more than one person is placed in consideration, the officers/raid leaders will decide who receives the item. Some items may be kept by the guild to sell in EC to cover raid costs, such as Peridots, Hate Stones, and other expensive requirements.

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