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Bane of Veeshan
6 We went to Fear last night on a whim of Gniff's, seeing as we had close to 20 planar members on at the same time. Gratz to Gind, Gioni, and everyone else who got loot. Rembember, Hate Saturday 7pm EST, meet at the SRO Wizzy Spires. Gam.
6 New Vah Shir model images added to the site as well as a few other pictures from the Luclin upgrade. Click here to view the new pictures.
5 Emjia has been wandering around collecting examples of the new character models (mostly of her beautiful self). Take a gander and send me your screenshots if you have any. Please email to
27 A new members area has been added to the guild web site. We will be using this in place of which decidedly is a piece of poopie. Please contact Gam with your character's information at
24 Gam added the Guild and Raid laws to the site.
18 BoV web site gets a face lift by new guildee Emjia Raemi. Emjia does web pages for a living and has volunteered her time in sprucing the guild page up a bit. You can reach Emjia by email at
5 Gam here, and I really need everyone to sign up on the message board, and also go to and register your character for the roster please!
30 Hey everyone, its me, Gam! I've got this page up now as a starter, I'm still hunting for a better domain name, and I'm always working on this...I hope to have frames up soon, but who knows.....anyhow here's the link you need to go to!


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