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Bane of Veeshan
New Character Models

Here are some of the screenshots I (Emjia Raemi) have captured of some of the new models. I haven't seen a cat person yet but I plan on traveling to the moon tomorrow so I will post more when I get them. 

Click on the images to see a larger view...

Above are three shots of Emjia (Wood Elf, Rogue). First is sitting, second is Wood Elf form and third is Dark Elf form (using mask of deception).

First picture is again of the beautiful Emjia Raemi. This was before I got a new patch (my armor looked different) first row of pictures is how I look now. Second picture is of a High Elf Enchanter, Third is a Wood Elf Druid, Fourth is a Human Ranger and Fifth is puppy form for Druids.

MJ's new alt, Cheettara in a couple different poses. The 3rd proves how she's only lvl 1 looking at her sword not sure what it is. Others are some other pictures of elves I've seen.

A quick shot of a female sitting. New picture of Emjia (another day another outfit). And a view of the entrance to Shadow Haven, land of them cat people.

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