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Bane of Veeshan
>Fear Raid
Our last Fear raid rocked pretty us some nice druid gear, two pally bps, an amulet of necropotence, one of Morph's epic pieces, and one or two pieces of ranger armor. Gratz to all that got loo =)
Fear Raid the 2nd
Gratz on Fear last night guys, thanks to one of Gniff's whims =) We had 20 people on, insertion was great, we got wiped once, and SoT sent us a rescue party =) Gratz to Gind and Gioni on loot.
> Cat Models Added
Emjia created her first Vah Shir creature and has taken a few pictures of it and other new models met on the way.
> New Character Models
Emjia has been wandering around collecting examples of the new character models (mostly of her beautiful self). Take a gander and send me your...  More>
> Members Area Created!
A new members area has been added to the guild web site. We will be using this in place of which decidedly is a piece of poopie...     More>

> Please check the Message Board for Raid Plan postings

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